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Application: Infrastructure  |  Partner: RAVO

RAVO is part of the FAYAT group and has been a world leader in the development and the production of street sweepers for many years. The company continuously seeks to improve its products, based on its vision to create a cleaner work and living environment for everyone.

Improving air quality

Air pollution is a growing problem for cities worldwide and has a major impact on urban public health. Initiatives to combat air pollution are undertaken by various parties. RAVO is well aware of the growing problem of urban particulate matter (fine dust) pollution and strives to substantially improve air quality in cities, while removing dirt from the streets. For doing so, RAVO found a collaborative partner in ENS.


In close collaboration with the engineering and production department of RAVO, ENS Technology developed a customized solution in which proprietary ENS positive ionization technology was integrated into the RAVO 5i Series. This resulted in the first of its kind street sweeper utilizing fine dust elimination technology, the RAVO HYGiON. The ‘Berliner Stadsreinigung’ in the city of Berlin was the first to employ RAVO HYGiON street sweepers.

Given the limited amount of space available in the street sweeper, it was a real challenge to integrate the positive ionization technology. Nevertheless, it resulted in a great success: TÜV (‘Technischer Überwachungsverein’) has determined and certified that the HYGiON achieves a PM10 reduction of more than 80% and a PM2.5 reduction over 75%. This is a wonderful example of how a jointly developed innovation contributes to a healthier environment.

De RAVO HYGiON zuivert de lucht van fijnstof