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Smog Free Project

Application: Infrastructure  |  Partner: Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde is internationally known for his innovative designs such as Waterlicht, Dune and the Smog Free Project, which explore the relation between people, technology, and space. He founded Studio Roosegaarde in 2007, where he works with his team of designers and engineers towards a better future. Interactions, technological innovations, and beauty play important roles in his designs.

Clean space in the city

While visiting Beijing, Daan Roosegaarde personally experienced the thick layer of smog that covered the city, which made him realize how serious the air pollution problem is. He imagined how wonderful it would be to create clean space in the city, for example by shooting a hole in the layer of smog above a park. Daan Roosegaarde partnered with ENS Technology to test the feasibility of this idea.

Smog Free Tower

In collaboration with ENS Technology, Studio Roosegaarde designed the first Smog Free Tower in the world. The 7 meter high tower cleans 30.000 m³ of polluted air per hour, using no more electricity than a water boiler. The tower uses ENS Technology’s patented positive ionization technology to capture fine dust and transform it into coarse dust.

The Smog Free Project was launched in Rotterdam on September the 4th, 2015. At present the Smog Free Tower is on tour in China, visiting the city of Beijing and Tianjin. Next, it will travel to other Chinese cities. The Smog Free Tower allows people the experience to breathe clean air. It is a powerful statement that creates awareness for the fine dust problem whilst also providing a solution to this precarious world health problem.

Smog Free Project Rotterdam

Smog Free Project Beijing

Photos: Studio Roosegaarde