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ENS Clean Air

Fine dust, also known as PM10, is increasingly recognized as a public health risk. Only in the Netherlands, 80% of the population suffers from exposure to a high concentration of fine dust every day. These dust particles, so small that they are invisible to the naked eye, enter our nose and mouth undetected. Inhalation of PM10, which stands for all particles smaller than 10 micrometers, can lead to heart, brain and respiratory diseases, because these particles pierce through our alveoli and invade our bloodstream.

ENS (Environmental Nano Solutions) Clean Air has developed a harmless, energy-efficient technology that captures fine particles and ultrafine particles without the use of traditional filtering techniques. The great advantage from this technology, based on positive ionization, is that it transforms fine and ultrafine particles into coarse dust, eliminating the risk of inhaling toxic particles. Additional benefits include its energy-efficiency and easy maintenance.

Research & Development

Innovation is ENS’s heartbeat. Therefore we heavily invest time and energy into R&D to improve human living quality conditions, as well as livestock, through a sustainable way. Through close cooperation with research partners and universities ENS has a huge network of product, environmental and scientific knowledge.

Our R&D team can advise you on our products and its possible application within your company or industry. Also customized ionization filters and license agreements can be arranged to cover your personal requirements and associated needs. Do contact us to discuss your possibilities.

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