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About ENS

ENS (Environmental Nano Solutions) Clean Air, founded in 2008 by Lia van de Vorle, is an innovative organization focused on designing and developing viable product solutions for specific (fine) dust problems. As a result, we have an energy-efficient, patented technology that captures fine and ultrafine particles and renders them harmless without the use of traditional filtering techniques.

The origin

In 2007 it was discovered many people were infected with MRSA. Through the analysis on how to avoid future infections, the question arose on how to prevent further spreading of the bacteria. The final answer was fresh air. Lia of Vorle “The MRSA bacteria spreads, among others, through airborne dust. Germs cling to it. By removing dust particles from the air, you will also remove the germs. This creates a better environment for people and livestock.

Lia van de Vorle contacted Bob Ursem and his scientific team from Delft University of Technology. A particle collector was developed at their laboratory, which created nano-particles from air molecules and used them to convert fine dust into coarse dust. Once particle matter is transformed into coarse dust, any inhalation risk is removed. ENS took this innovative technology and developed it further, making it viable for large scale applications. ENS’s R&D resulted in several patents and products with which particles can be captured. These products have many applications in various sectors.


ENS’s mission is to improve the life quality for human population and livestock in a sustainable manner.

Research & Development

R&D at ENS is of paramount importance. We specialize in underwriting license agreements for systems using our patented positive ionization technology. For example, certain street sweeper truck models from RAVO are equipped with a fine particle filter developed by ENS.

Are you curious about what ENS can do for you or your organization? Please write to us by filling the contact form. Our professionals will gladly reply informing you about the possibilities and optionally advice you with a suitable solution.


ENS works in close collaboration with the following entities: