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ENS offers an energy-efficient technology that collects and eliminates fine and ultrafine particles, delivering a safer and healthier environment for humans and livestock.

Our whole product range shares the same positive ionization patents, replacing conventional air filtering techniques. The working principle of our technology process is as follows. Once we drawn air inside the unit, any airborne particle present in such air receives a positive charge. Due to such positive charge, all the airborne particles are attracted and captured by the dust removal plate. Once the particles touch the plate, they attach themselves to the surface. Subsequent particles will bind together with previous collected particles transforming fine and ultrafine dust into coarse dust.

Are you interested in our systems or curious about what our products can do for you or your organization? Then please contact us. Our professionals will gladly inform you about possible applications in your environment, business or industry and optionally advice you with a suitable solution.


  • Highest energy efficient air filter device with a 10 W energy consumption
  • Its filterless technology avoids filter replacement cost
  • Fine and ultrafine dust is eliminated by transforming it into coarse dust
  • Easy cost free maintenance
The Merlin targets the domestic market, small business and catering. Thanks to its compact design it can be used at homes, offices, schools, hotels, cafes and restaurants. The Merlin’s wall mounting feature simplifies its installation and achieves a very easy maintenance. Its avant-garde design makes it a neat air purifier device that improves your indoor ambience, as well as being a delightful interior decoration item.
 Click here to download the technical specifications.


  • Unlimited range of applications
  • Energy efficient and quiet process
  • No pressure drop thanks to its filterless feature
  • Simple, safe and costless cleaning
The Aufero, initially designed for indoor air treatment in industrial and commercial buildings, can also be used in the civil infrastructure, horticulture, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Parking garages, brick factories, sawmills and steel foundry industries are some examples of the wide applicability of the Aufero range.

Recent applications of our innovative Aufero model include the Smog Free Project from Studio Roosegaarde at Rotterdam city. For this purpose ENS installed three Aufero units inside the Smog Free Tower to capture fine dust, creating a clean air dome.

 Click here to download the technical specifications.


  • Lowest energy consumption compared with other systems
  • Resistant to high humidity and high temperatures
  • Same process efficiency across different dust composition
  • No pressure loss thanks to its filter less feature
The Titan, whose design is aimed to companies with dust emissions issues, is currently being used in the feed and food industry and agricultural sector. In combination with a pre-separator, a cyclone as an example, ENS can reduce your emission levels below the statutory 5 mg/m³. For odor emissions the Titan, coupled with optional equipment, can also eliminate odor particles.

 Click here to download the technical specifications.

Customized solutions

Not every dust problem can be solved with a standard product. ENS’s R&D team can offer advice upon possible alternatives within your company or industry. With years of experience in ionization filter development, together with our broad patent portfolio, ENS can provide you a solution for any dust problem. Under license, we can develop an ionization filter appropriate to your problem and the associated needs. Please ask us about the possibilities.